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Vini pause

Molasse from Villarlod (CH)

Espace d'une sculpture, Visarte Vaud

Parc de Mon-Repos, Lausanne (CH)


The work Vini Pause is made up of 5 sculptures, scattered in different locations in the park. These 5 pieces take the exact shape and dimensions of the emblematic yellow polypropylene boxes used during the grape harvest. We find the same lines and details characteristic of harvest crates on all the pieces.

The works were sculpted from molasse. Friable, this material is an integral part of the geology of the region. It was once widely used in local constructions, the Notre-Dame cathedral in Lausanne being a good example. In Lavaux, it had to be tamed and shaped to build the terraces, now listed as UNESCO heritage. Currently there are only two quarries left in French-speaking Switzerland which still supply molasses, mainly to restore ancient monuments. Vanessa Udriot collaborated with the Villarlod quarry, near Fribourg. It offers a so-called “blue” molasses, although to the eye, it is closer to a green tint. 

The artist's particular interest in the choice of material and its historical value is undoubtedly linked to her initial training as an architect. Perception of space, environmental impact and collective memory are central themes to her artistic practice.


In everyday life, it is common for the yellow box, once turned upside down, to transform into a seat. Diverted from its primary function, it then becomes a support for resting. In the same way, 5 pieces which constitute Vini Pause invite you to sit there, to recharge your batteries and reflect on our relationship to wine heritage and our environment.

Text by Lisa Junod

5C8A2962 small.jpg

©Prune Simon-Vermot

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©Prune Simon-Vermot

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