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I won't keep you in that state, 

      I won't let you stay that way

Wallpaper, H2.60m x L4.40m

Five engravings on mammograms, H43cm x L35cm

ECAL, Lausanne (CH)


vanessa udriot

The five engravings on mammograms are about the sense of touch, in a detailed and meticulous way which reminds anatomical illustrations of bodies studies. This series is about transforming, appropriating and composing with the material of those original documents, meant to be purely scientifics and concieved to create visibilities linked to diagnostic.
The wallpaper, for its part, evoques the interiority of the house or home and by extension of the body. It questions how something or a place supposed to be secure can contain monstrosity. The figure of monster refers to the monstrosity as anormality, malformation, but also can recall to the monster as part of devil in a manichaeism vision. The yellow color symbolizes the warning of potential danger as it’s usually used for warning about toxicity content coming from aposematism in nature for plants and animals.
Regarding the process there is an inversion between the engravings coming from print machine becoming unique pieces and the wallpaper from handwork to multiplicity printed.
The mammograms come from a person that was very closed to me.

vanessa udriot
vanessa udriot
vanessa udriot
vanessa udriot
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